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Hey! I'm Jen.

Almost everyone calls me Jen, but feel free to call me Jennifer as well. 

I was born in South Africa but have now spent over a third of my life in London. I didn't expect to stay in London for as long as I have but to me it is now home. I love the energy, anonymity and inspiration it provides. It's a city with very little judgement and a melting pot of cultures. 

I love my job. Photography is a mix of technical skills and an almost mystical creative art. I love the ability it has to empower people and to allow others to see the way I see them. I love to capture people in a natural way, reading their body language and wanting them to feel comfortable throughout.

I always say that weddings aren't just about romantic love - they're about the life that two people have built together and all those people included within that. Without wanting to sound too much like Hugh Grant in Love Actually - love can be found all around at a wedding. 

I'm inspired by the work of Lisa Sorgini, Olivia Bee, The Kitcheners, Nirrimi Hakanson and Linda McCartney. 

When I'm not shooting I can found taking long walks through London, smiling at people's dogs, cooking Japanese-inspired food, thinking up cringeworthy puns, buying overpriced oat lattes or pestering my friends and family with pictures of something cute my cats did.

Jen x

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